The Art of Escapism Cooking

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Book Description

The Art of Escapism Cooking

By Mandy Lee


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What is the art of escapism cooking?
For Mandy Lee, moving from New York to Beijing for her husband’s work wasn’t an exotic adventure—it was an ordeal. Growing increasingly exasperated with China’s autocratic political climate, its infuriating bureaucracy, and its choking pollution, she began “an unapologetically angry food blog,” Lady and Pups, to keep herself from going mad.

Mandy cooked because it channeled her focus, helping her cope with the difficult circumstances of her new life. She filled her kitchen with warming spices and sticky sauces to make her home welcoming and pleasant. Born in Taiwan, raised in Vancouver, and now living in Hong Kong, Mandy creates food inspired by the many places she’s lived and traveled. This entertaining and unusual cookbook is the story of how “escapism cooking”—using the kitchen as a refuge and ultimately creating delicious and satisfying meals—helped her evade a miserable reality.

Filled with her own gorgeous photography, The Art of Escapism Cooking provides that comforting feeling you get from a good meal. Mandy also demystifies unfamiliar ingredients, shares her favorite tools, and provides instructions for making essential condiments for the pantry and fridge, such as Ramen Seasoning, Fried Chile Verde Sauce, Caramelized Onion Powder Paste, and her Ultimate Chile Oil. Created out of sheer meticulous passion, her recipes provide a pure and welcome escape to a place of sublime deliciousness.

art of escapism cooking